Admission Process

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Those who graduate from high school or have a corresponding degree and want to learn Korean and Korean.

Application procedures

1) Document submission

 ▸ All documents not written copy is the original submission in principle. (Or notarized)

 ▸ Documents written in languages other than Korean and English must be submitted in English or Korean translation and translator confirmation.(Translator confirmation form download)

 ▸ Additional documents may be requested during the review process.

2) After reviewing the documents, notice of acceptance

3) Deposit of tuition(Per semester)

  ▸ Payment Amount (Freshman): ₩ 1,320,000(tuition fees ₩ 1,200,000 + admission fees ₩ 50,000 + premiums ₩ 70,000)
  ▸ According to the Korean Ministry of Justice's foreign student stay guidelines, you should pay the tuition fee for the second semester on your first admission to change D-4 visa.
  ▸ The tuition fee must be paid in the name of the student, and please contact if the agent paid.

   - Bank Account: 094-01-026069-9 (BUSAN BANK, swift code: PUSBKR2P)

     Bank Holder: Busan Univ. of Foreign Studies

     Bank Address: 65, Geumsaem-ro 485beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

     Branch: BUFS Sub Branch

4) After confirming tuition payment, issue Certificate of Admission
   ▸ 법무부 유학생 체류지침에 의거하여, 2학기의 등록금(6개월)을 납부해야만 D-4비자 발급을 위한 표준입학허가서 발급이 가능합니다.

5) Visa application
      students should apply for a visa at the Korean Consulate in their home country.

6) Immigration, After the level test, Opening