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Center for Korean Language and Culture Education of BUFS is a Korean language educational institution that practices the educational ideology of fostering global citizens in multilingual, multidisciplinary, and multiculturalism. We have a regular course where foreigners who want to study at domestic universities and graduate schools can learn Korean systematically for more than three months.

Since its establishment in 2005, we have been focusing on developing curriculum for foreigners to learn Korean and Korean culture in general with the aim of 'improving learner-centered language ability'. In recent years, we have been operating customized curriculum through student-specific and institutional learning diagnosis, and providing Korean language assistant programs using matching programs to adapt to changing educational environment.

In addition, there are four overseas Se-jong Institutes designated by the Se-jong Institute Foundation for foreigners who want to learn Korean language and experience Korean culture from all over the world. As a result of these efforts, we were recognized as an excellent institution for the spread of Korean and Korean culture, and we were the only university in our country to receive a citation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism(MCST) in December 2019.

We invite you to learn Korean and Korean culture in Korea more easily and more interesting way as a venue for Bright, Unique, Fun, and Systematic Korean education. We are confident that you will have enjoyable and informative time to understand Korea and Korean culture. 


The head of KLCE of BUFS, Chang-kyu, AN